Supreme Costs offer a range of services specially designed to fit smoothly into your own practices and procedures. We are committed to maximising costs recovery for our clients. All our staff are fully trained in the CPR and relevant case law and have over 75 years worth of collective experience.

Bill & Schedule drafting

Supreme Costs’ professional team of specialised law costs consultants can prepare Detailed Bills of Costs in any type of case. For commercial litigation cases, we prepare Bills of Costs ranging from small disputes to high level, complex cases. In personal injury matters whether you are dealing with a minor personal injury claim or large clinical negligence case, we can help you achieve the best returns. We use technology to its full advantage; meaning that you reap the benefits of our cost effective service.

Costs Negotiation (both Claimant and Defendant)

The years of experience our team has, coupled with our long-standing relationships with opponents, means that more often than not Supreme Costs are able to negotiate good settlements at an early stage. We deal with each case on its own individual merit and assess each case based upon applicable hourly rates; the qualifications of the fee earner(s) and the complexity of the case.

Costs Management and Budgeting

Cost budgets can be time consuming and are complex. Supreme Costs will guide you through the ever changing laws and by working with the fee earner we ensure that the budgets are both accurate and realistic. We can also update budgets to reflect any agreements made between parties or Court Orders.

Points of Dispute and Replies

Supreme Costs has vast experience in drafting both Points of Dispute and Replies to Points of Dispute.

Provisional and Detailed Assessment

In most instances, costs can be agreed and settled by negotiation. However, the approach of many opponents means that there are now more occasions when agreement between the parties cannot be reached, therefore provisional and detailed assessments may be required. Supreme Costs will guide you through this process and advise you as the need arises.

Debt Recovery

Supreme Costs provides a full debt recovery service on portal or fixed fee cases where a client’s costs have not been received as agreed or ordered to be paid. Please contact us for further details of this costs efficient service.

Challenging Solicitor bills

If you think that a solicitor has overcharged you then you may be able to challenge the solicitor’s bill. There are very strict time limits for challenging a solicitor’s bill so it is vital you do not delay before seeking advice. Simply provide us with the Solicitor’s Terms of Business (Client Care Letter) and the Bill of Costs that you have received from your Solicitor and we will be able to give an initial assessment as to your prospects of success.


Supreme Costs has developed funding options with its affiliates who offer disbursement funding and a costs advance facility. The costs advance facilities enables you to release the WIP you have tied up in your case.

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